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District 9

Posted in Cinema by baskonusbirakdinle on October 1, 2009

Recently I’ve seen  my newest favorite movie, District 9. Well, the reason is that it is an anti-alien movie meaning the aliens are like refugees in earth who are leaving like scavengers and treated badly by the human. They are like Philistines living in a ghetto. As i watched the movie I felt sorry for them so that their cockroach like appearance did not bother me at all. Violence is fortified with squishing bug skins and saliva like alien blood. The johannesburg english accent made me laugh a little bit during the non-stop heavy imagery shot by handy-cam that fit very well to documentary like atmosphere of the movie.

I believe that Peter Jackson who produced the movie must have liked the “bad taste” like atmosphere of the short  (having the same taste in being amatuer and wildly messy) so that he encouraged Neill Blomkamp to shoot a long feature of the story.

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