baskonusbirakdinle aka pushtalkreleaselisten


Posted in Uncategorized by baskonusbirakdinle on December 3, 2009

Each day our mind is dismantled by the rapid change in technology, science, communication systems. Catastrophes such as overpopulation, turbulent growth, loss of urban fabric, distraction of the biosphere should have galvanize our minds and our discretion and our desire. The analysis of the complexity of today should be mapped with abstract dimensions. Guattari defines 4 dimensions: fluxes, mechanic phyla, vital universes of value, and territories as a tool for “unframing, the unbreaking of the meaning which draws the subject toward its own creation and reinvention.” In order to go further, to prepare new fields of possibility, a new flexible way of thinking  that splits the old habits in aesthetics of the old, that questions the layers (the dimensions) should be acknowledged. Our mode of production evolve into connecting and disconnecting relations, re-relating them and multiplying them in this catastrophic scene.

*Consumed from The Object of Ecosophy by Felix Guattari


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