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Imkanmekan Workshop October 21st

Posted in Uncategorized by baskonusbirakdinle on December 3, 2009

The workshop was about the urban situation in Karakoy Rihtim St. and the whereabouts. Our proposal is mainly concentrated on the abandoned park nearby which looks like a potato field at the moment probably because of the construction site nearby TOKI.

Team members. Ali Yavuz, Nur Gurbuz, E. Onur Ceritoglu

Karakoy Su Meydan Project (Aqua Square) questions the identity of square and what is perceived from its literary and social meaning as a public space with its elements such as monument sculptures. The taken is given back to the sea in the terms of changing the geography of the shores by filling the sea with earth.

Kucuk Moda (Small Moda) represents a visual question what happens if the Kadikoy Moda shore directly moved to the area in Karakoy. It is like taking a slice from a cake and placing it to a different one. Moda shore which is a good example for public space can directly implemented to Karakoy? It is completely opposite of small intervention perception of Imkanmekan.


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