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Posted in Architecture by baskonusbirakdinle on December 26, 2009

Very interesting design brief, designing a prison instead of a beautiful library. I wonder how Rem will do? and also i wonder if what kind of space it is? Definitely it is not public, but as you think so many people involved, it is a kind of a common space where criminals socialise? do you think that they have a right to socialize?

“The panopticon is a type of prison building originally designed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in 1785. The panopticon was intended to be a prison that allowed the guard to observe any of the inmates without them knowing if and when they were being watched. The design features a central platform surrounded by a ring of cells – thus enabling a clear view of every prisoner.”

Pendle’s Panopticon
“The unique, egg-shaped Atom was designed by Peter Meacock with Katarina Novomestska and Architects WCW and was opened by the Mayor of Pendle in September 2006. The bronze-coated Atom is located in Wycoller Country Park and provides both a striking contemporary viewing point and shelter from which to enjoy the stunning surrounding landscape, and an intriguing and beautiful object which can be viewed from afar.”

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