baskonusbirakdinle aka pushtalkreleaselisten

at the 8.15 ferry

Posted in Uncategorized by baskonusbirakdinle on January 14, 2010

The boat trip will be the major timeline focusing on certain images as if the inkblots in aRorschach test. The following image with a transition effect will be the reaction, a personalrecall linking the pervious one. As the recall scene which is a found footage, which is notespecially shot for the video, captured from the internet or a film, finishes, the images will return to the timeline which is shot in the boat.

“Literary nonsense refers to a style or motif in literature that plays with the conventions of language and the rules of logic and reason via sensical and non-sensical elements. The effect of nonsense is often caused by an excess of meaning, rather than a lack of it.”

“In the field of art, the Dada movement resembles nonsense in certain ways, but is also quite distinct from it. As a genre, nonsense has no particular agenda, though it may imply a kind of subversion in various ways. Dada was more directed, creating an expression of disaffection with art and a society that seemed unavoidably addicted to the insanity of war.”



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  1. deniz cem önduygu said, on January 16, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    great connections there, I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t realized how similar the inside of the boat to a church, that was my favorite. one can feel that you are an architect when watching this.

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