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Future Everything

Posted in Uncategorized by baskonusbirakdinle on January 16, 2010

We tried to make a proposal for Future Everything in Manchaster  but we did not submit them, deadline was yesterday. Well we thought that they are mature and needs more interpretation. So the proposal consists as follows;

“Could urban life recover and strength its capacities of integration and participation of the city, which are almost entirely lost, and which cannot be stimulated either by authoritarian means or by administrative prescription, or by the intervention of specialists?”



Collecting images from the industrial areas,

Displaying them in post card stands which are located all across the city

Making them to send this postcards to friends and people

Pointing out bizarre and sinister quarters

Leaving behind the mainstream city signs

How to?

Excursion to the industrial areas

Collecting images

Printing images

Designing a postcard stand, architectural element and urban element to the junction of the touristic city and music tours

Industrial Guided tours as an alternative

Will be held 4 days of the festival.

People will be taken to Old Trafford area guided with a professional historian or an Architect.

In the evening each day the images will be uploaded to Flickr.


The event will be held a week before the event like a worksop and the outcomes will be displayed during the festival.

People will collect images, materials and objects.

The pieces will construct (a structure, a memorial, a bizarre composition) referring to the industrial revolution.


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  1. barbaros said, on January 16, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    I think you should have submitted it! :)

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