baskonusbirakdinle aka pushtalkreleaselisten

Waren & Vending Automaten

Posted in Uncategorized by baskonusbirakdinle on February 27, 2010

The city experience has changed for the past 6 months. Well the reason is traveling. It is crossing to the other side of Bosphorus. It is being on the ferry. It is listening music with the headphones and staring at the docks, towers, sea water, cranes, big containers, seagulls, sloppy cityscape with unfinished gray buildings, disoriented appearance of the textures from the old town, small fishing boats, big cruise boats, high and low bridges, brown stain on the shore revealing the crowd, big chains, fishing rods, abondoned factory buildings, broken ferries with steel supports holding the bridge. They seem meaningless individually but they are small precious parts of the experience, how to capture them all visually, emotionally, aurally? (A little bit greedy.) Why capture? It is a snapshot for the people, for good. A snapshot vending machine for the people on the boat, for taking home, to show their kids, moms, dads, granddads. This sounds romantic? Istanbul is not bad at all.


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