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PBS: Personal Border Sign

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PBS refers to the invisible border which surrounds the personal space. PBS claims that crossing the personal
border is no different than crossing a country border. In order to cross borders on a political level, the pre-
sentation of passports and visas or other appropriate forms of identity document is required by some legal
orders. The phrases which appears on the LCD screen symbolizes the bureaucracy and the documentation
for crossing the borders.

The sign on the LCD screen changes according to the change density of people around. There are four levels
of intrusion which are demonstrated with four phrases;

Level 1 No trespassing
Level 2 Welcome to my border
Level 3 Visa required!
Level 4 Alarm! Intrusion!


I get more physical: A vest vith a LCD screen

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Geomotion video generator

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you need latest flash to browse it.

Psycho-geography sets for itself the study of the precise laws and specific effects of geographical environment, whether consciously organized or not, on the emotion and behavior of individuals. Guy Debord

Psycho-geography is a situationist way of communicating with urban in a way that the recognized streets of the everyday is reshaped into something new and unexpected. It uses emotions and behavioral impact of the urban on people to interpret the city and implant a new way of looking at the city.

People uses many ways to store and reflect their emotions and feelings for the urban. The most available medium framing the moment in a city is photography. Many people share their photos in flickr, which is titled as “Share your photos. Watch the world”, with comments or titles that contain personal quotations and feelings. This photo-video engine combines the photos and the comments in order to map the geography and draw an abstract cartography. With the bombardment of the images and the quotations the viewer can watch and realize many different urban conditions from the photographers perspective.