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Very interesting design brief, designing a prison instead of a beautiful library. I wonder how Rem will do? and also i wonder if what kind of space it is? Definitely it is not public, but as you think so many people involved, it is a kind of a common space where criminals socialise? do you think that they have a right to socialize?

“The panopticon is a type of prison building originally designed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in 1785. The panopticon was intended to be a prison that allowed the guard to observe any of the inmates without them knowing if and when they were being watched. The design features a central platform surrounded by a ring of cells – thus enabling a clear view of every prisoner.”

Pendle’s Panopticon
“The unique, egg-shaped Atom was designed by Peter Meacock with Katarina Novomestska and Architects WCW and was opened by the Mayor of Pendle in September 2006. The bronze-coated Atom is located in Wycoller Country Park and provides both a striking contemporary viewing point and shelter from which to enjoy the stunning surrounding landscape, and an intriguing and beautiful object which can be viewed from afar.”

Pedestrian Bridge Competition by IBB (06.09.2009)

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The competition proposal consists of 3 individual design approaches for 3 individual locations.

Design Team:

Onur Kemal Kosedag, Architect-Istanbul Technical University

E.Onur Ceritoglu, Architect-Interior Designer-Istanbul Technical University

Ozgur Ilter, Architect-University of Applied Science Frankfurt

Jurgen S.Wassink, Architect-Städelschule Frankfurt

The results are here.

1_Istanbul Findikzade

The location is more public rather than the other locations. The idea is to have a sense of park-street atmosphere on the bridge. It is connected to the tam line in the middle.


2_Istanbul Goztepe

The high-way has busy with 3 lanes in each direction. Concept is having a steel frame that can stands with only with 2 concrete columns. It is modular and iconic.


3_Istanbul Topkapi

It is a landmark. It connects the metro-bus to the culture park. It is the most iconic one that encourages the development of the park.


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The public installation by Guillaume Segur inspired by Möbius strip, a mathematical diagram. Ian Borden who is a skater-architecture professor in the Bartlett stated that skaters consider built environment as surfaces (actually they develop a way of observing such that they analyze the shape of urban elements quickly) that can be skate-able. The skaters who uses this sculpture-city intervention is against the conventional rules of the gravity. The human with its limited abilities can not experience the geometry without a skateboard. Such complexity in the morph geometry can be related with reflexive environments. Is skateboarding in realty projection of flying in 2nd life?

Ian Borden skates;

Labbeus Woods

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Lebbeus Woods is archartist. His works remind me cyberpunk cities that are experienced in many anime and manga. In cinema, Metropolis(1927) may be a pioneer, Blade Runner (1982)  is the follower to this genre which are set in post industrial dystopias, often varied with a detective story or a conflict of a  human like robot. Another sibling, 12 monkeys (1995) has copied one his piece and he won a copyright trail but then he let them use the scene, the interrogation cell with the chair with the forklift.

Woods’ architecture is like a setting after a despair in a community, after a destruction that can be a war, an earthquake, a political struggle… He has been doing projects for alternative post-conflict architecture, some takes place in Sarajevo, San-Francisco and Havana.

He has a marvelous blog and one of the newest entry is a film treatment that is named as Underground  Berlin. It is like a comic more that a scenario to me with black-white ink drawn sketches.

One of a project that I have done during the last year of architecture school with Onur Tetik is deeply inspired by Woods.

Picture 4

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