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Myron Krueger-videoplace (1985)

Posted in Art, Responsive by baskonusbirakdinle on October 18, 2009

Human computer interaction is the basis for an emerging art form.


Labbeus Woods

Posted in Architecture, Art by baskonusbirakdinle on October 9, 2009

Lebbeus Woods is archartist. His works remind me cyberpunk cities that are experienced in many anime and manga. In cinema, Metropolis(1927) may be a pioneer, Blade Runner (1982)  is the follower to this genre which are set in post industrial dystopias, often varied with a detective story or a conflict of a  human like robot. Another sibling, 12 monkeys (1995) has copied one his piece and he won a copyright trail but then he let them use the scene, the interrogation cell with the chair with the forklift.

Woods’ architecture is like a setting after a despair in a community, after a destruction that can be a war, an earthquake, a political struggle… He has been doing projects for alternative post-conflict architecture, some takes place in Sarajevo, San-Francisco and Havana.

He has a marvelous blog and one of the newest entry is a film treatment that is named as Underground  Berlin. It is like a comic more that a scenario to me with black-white ink drawn sketches.

One of a project that I have done during the last year of architecture school with Onur Tetik is deeply inspired by Woods.

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