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Posted in Public Art by baskonusbirakdinle on November 17, 2009

This blog posts for a collective project in the fine art practice class (which debates on public art) in sabanci university. The posts so far are about the survey of the park in nisantasi. The park is considered as public and the aim is to think about it in the context of public art and to make interventions.

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Posted in Architecture, Public Art by baskonusbirakdinle on November 9, 2009

The public installation by Guillaume Segur inspired by Möbius strip, a mathematical diagram. Ian Borden who is a skater-architecture professor in the Bartlett stated that skaters consider built environment as surfaces (actually they develop a way of observing such that they analyze the shape of urban elements quickly) that can be skate-able. The skaters who uses this sculpture-city intervention is against the conventional rules of the gravity. The human with its limited abilities can not experience the geometry without a skateboard. Such complexity in the morph geometry can be related with reflexive environments. Is skateboarding in realty projection of flying in 2nd life?

Ian Borden skates;