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Future Everything

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We tried to make a proposal for Future Everything in Manchaster  but we did not submit them, deadline was yesterday. Well we thought that they are mature and needs more interpretation. So the proposal consists as follows;

“Could urban life recover and strength its capacities of integration and participation of the city, which are almost entirely lost, and which cannot be stimulated either by authoritarian means or by administrative prescription, or by the intervention of specialists?”



Collecting images from the industrial areas,

Displaying them in post card stands which are located all across the city

Making them to send this postcards to friends and people

Pointing out bizarre and sinister quarters

Leaving behind the mainstream city signs

How to?

Excursion to the industrial areas

Collecting images

Printing images

Designing a postcard stand, architectural element and urban element to the junction of the touristic city and music tours

Industrial Guided tours as an alternative

Will be held 4 days of the festival.

People will be taken to Old Trafford area guided with a professional historian or an Architect.

In the evening each day the images will be uploaded to Flickr.


The event will be held a week before the event like a worksop and the outcomes will be displayed during the festival.

People will collect images, materials and objects.

The pieces will construct (a structure, a memorial, a bizarre composition) referring to the industrial revolution.



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at the 8.15 ferry

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The boat trip will be the major timeline focusing on certain images as if the inkblots in aRorschach test. The following image with a transition effect will be the reaction, a personalrecall linking the pervious one. As the recall scene which is a found footage, which is notespecially shot for the video, captured from the internet or a film, finishes, the images will return to the timeline which is shot in the boat.

“Literary nonsense refers to a style or motif in literature that plays with the conventions of language and the rules of logic and reason via sensical and non-sensical elements. The effect of nonsense is often caused by an excess of meaning, rather than a lack of it.”

“In the field of art, the Dada movement resembles nonsense in certain ways, but is also quite distinct from it. As a genre, nonsense has no particular agenda, though it may imply a kind of subversion in various ways. Dada was more directed, creating an expression of disaffection with art and a society that seemed unavoidably addicted to the insanity of war.”


ice cuber_sound and image_va335

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video and sound by baskonusbirakdinle.


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Very interesting design brief, designing a prison instead of a beautiful library. I wonder how Rem will do? and also i wonder if what kind of space it is? Definitely it is not public, but as you think so many people involved, it is a kind of a common space where criminals socialise? do you think that they have a right to socialize?

“The panopticon is a type of prison building originally designed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in 1785. The panopticon was intended to be a prison that allowed the guard to observe any of the inmates without them knowing if and when they were being watched. The design features a central platform surrounded by a ring of cells – thus enabling a clear view of every prisoner.”

Pendle’s Panopticon
“The unique, egg-shaped Atom was designed by Peter Meacock with Katarina Novomestska and Architects WCW and was opened by the Mayor of Pendle in September 2006. The bronze-coated Atom is located in Wycoller Country Park and provides both a striking contemporary viewing point and shelter from which to enjoy the stunning surrounding landscape, and an intriguing and beautiful object which can be viewed from afar.”

Nisantasi Passages

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The mapping of some passages shows an alternative walking route for the pedestrian. The essence of passages is dying by the presence of big brands in nisantasi. Small craft shops are being isolated in a 90s architecture.

Karakoy passage

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The original photo is taken in Karakoy. Some elements of space are cut out in order to examine the elements. Richard Gaplin’s work is a reference. Constructivism &Futurism & Vorticism movements are related in such machine like aesthetics.


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Allan Kaprow states that the audience space is an inactive space. For going beyond the norms of theatre or any other performance art, the audience should be in the performance with a clear knowledge and commitment to the subject which is roughly implemented before as story-lines, as scores.

However  some other observers can inhabit the space and be part of it with their unexpected gestures enriching the environment. The wall between the artist and the observer is to be torn down so that art is integrated into life braking the frames, dismantling, reshaping what is traditional.


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Each day our mind is dismantled by the rapid change in technology, science, communication systems. Catastrophes such as overpopulation, turbulent growth, loss of urban fabric, distraction of the biosphere should have galvanize our minds and our discretion and our desire. The analysis of the complexity of today should be mapped with abstract dimensions. Guattari defines 4 dimensions: fluxes, mechanic phyla, vital universes of value, and territories as a tool for “unframing, the unbreaking of the meaning which draws the subject toward its own creation and reinvention.” In order to go further, to prepare new fields of possibility, a new flexible way of thinking  that splits the old habits in aesthetics of the old, that questions the layers (the dimensions) should be acknowledged. Our mode of production evolve into connecting and disconnecting relations, re-relating them and multiplying them in this catastrophic scene.

*Consumed from The Object of Ecosophy by Felix Guattari

Imkanmekan Workshop October 21st

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The workshop was about the urban situation in Karakoy Rihtim St. and the whereabouts. Our proposal is mainly concentrated on the abandoned park nearby which looks like a potato field at the moment probably because of the construction site nearby TOKI.

Team members. Ali Yavuz, Nur Gurbuz, E. Onur Ceritoglu

Karakoy Su Meydan Project (Aqua Square) questions the identity of square and what is perceived from its literary and social meaning as a public space with its elements such as monument sculptures. The taken is given back to the sea in the terms of changing the geography of the shores by filling the sea with earth.

Kucuk Moda (Small Moda) represents a visual question what happens if the Kadikoy Moda shore directly moved to the area in Karakoy. It is like taking a slice from a cake and placing it to a different one. Moda shore which is a good example for public space can directly implemented to Karakoy? It is completely opposite of small intervention perception of Imkanmekan.