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Pedestrian Bridge Competition by IBB (06.09.2009)

Posted in Architecture by baskonusbirakdinle on November 10, 2009

The competition proposal consists of 3 individual design approaches for 3 individual locations.

Design Team:

Onur Kemal Kosedag, Architect-Istanbul Technical University

E.Onur Ceritoglu, Architect-Interior Designer-Istanbul Technical University

Ozgur Ilter, Architect-University of Applied Science Frankfurt

Jurgen S.Wassink, Architect-St├Ądelschule Frankfurt

The results are here.

1_Istanbul Findikzade

The location is more public rather than the other locations. The idea is to have a sense of park-street atmosphere on the bridge. It is connected to the tam line in the middle.


2_Istanbul Goztepe

The high-way has busy with 3 lanes in each direction. Concept is having a steel frame that can stands with only with 2 concrete columns. It is modular and iconic.


3_Istanbul Topkapi

It is a landmark. It connects the metro-bus to the culture park. It is the most iconic one that encourages the development of the park.


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